About Us

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the "Federation". All creatives, whether in music, art, structure, or business deserve to have a voice. Collectively we are joining forces to have that voice. 

When we began back in 2000, our goal was to compete with the very best music and audio production companies in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. Since then our reputation has grown, so that we’re counted as one of the leaders in the music and sound production business. Our team offers an extensive portfolio of skills.  Sound designers, voice directors, multi-track mixing engineers, post audio producers and more. You need it, we’ve got it.

Unfair Records (United Federation for Artistic Independent Retail) learned that people in art should develop a community of folks that are on the same level.

Mission Statement: We are commited to providing artists, indi labels, internet radio stations, and agents the tools to deliver a high-quality branded shopping experience for music and art consumers. To deliver a value proposition to key partners as a crucial ingredient to our business success. And we feel a strong social responsibility by providing big data solutions.